Regional Directors

The idea of corporate citizenship has been called “fuzzy” and “woolly” in the pages of Fortune and The Economist. We think otherwise. In our experience, all organizations have responsibilities to the communities and public they serve. While these responsibilities will vary, we know that executives who meet them add value to organizations and communities alike. Whether it’s in the field of manufacturing, transportation, human relations, organizational development, diversity or financial services, our corporate clients turn to us when they need excellence in leadership in the fullest sense of the word.


Boulware at Work

At Issue: The Boulware Group was contacted by one of the world’s largest non-bank financial service companies, which also is one of the nation’s largest sources of home mortgage financing. The company was creating a network of offices in 25 cities nationwide as part of its multi-billion dollar commitment to making home ownership a reality for thousands of first-time home-owners. To head these offices, the company sought 25 executives who would be responsive to the needs of the community while advancing the company’s mission of increased home ownership.

At Stake: The opportunity for thousands of families to realize the American dream of home ownership


Our Response

We helped the client bring into being a business model that would meet the needs of a huge and profitable yet heretofore unrecognized market. We identified candidates with the mix of business rigor, political savvy and civic conscience that was needed to jump-start the new offices. We provided diverse pools of qualified candidates in every search by tapping our deep networks in the housing, political and financial services communities in 25 cities nationwide.

The Result: Boulware placed executives in 25 offices nationwide. Our diverse pools of candidates consistently had strong financial backgrounds, solid entrepreneurial and political skills, and proven managerial experience. Since their hiring, these executives have helped bring the dream of home ownership to thousands of families nationwide.


Financial Service Clients

  • American Express Financial Services
  • Avondale Bank
  • Bank of Boston
  • Douglas Bank
  • John Ryan Company
  • Norwest Corporation
  • Shawmut National Bank
  • Shorebank Advisory Services
  • South Shore Bank
  • State Street Bank & Trust Company
  • XEROX Credit Corporation


Corporate Clients

  • Arrow Lumber Company
  • Ben & Jerry’s
  • Bombardier
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • CADEC Systems
  • Cummins Engine Company
  • Dayton Hudson
  • Dennison Manufacturing Company
  • ED & G Venture Partners
  • E.I. De Nemours, Du Pont & Company
  • Green Giant