Executive Director for a Healthcare Association

At Stake

Access to affordable healthcare for a disadvantaged and at-risk community, and the continued viability of a longtime local social services provider.

The Background

The regional arm of a nationally-known healthcare and reproductive rights organization had fallen on hard times. Changes in the healthcare and socioeconomic climate had not been thoroughly anticipated by the organization’s prior leadership, and as a result, fundraising, education efforts, infrastructure development and, most importantly, the quality of healthcare services provided to the local community had suffered dramatically. There was an urgent need to reinvigorate the organization as quickly as possible, under the guidance of a proven and principled leader.


Our Firm’s Approach

After having unsuccessfully conducted a search for an appropriate candidate, the local organization turned to The Boulware Group for help. Their aggressive timeline required us to move particularly quickly, and during our discovery process it became clear that the position would require an individual who understood the complexities of medical management and technology, with the proper blend of political savvy, business acumen and civic conscience. The position offered little in the way of job security, and the possibility of failure was very real. Keeping this in mind, Boulware chose to focus the search upon individuals who were nearing the end of successful careers in the healthcare industry, who would be qualified and ready for a challenge, and eager for a chance to give something back to the community.


The Result

The successful candidate, a senior level executive at a major HMO, had previously demonstrated an ability to turn around difficult situations. Upon being contacted by Boulware, he found himself intrigued by the scope and nature of the challenge, and was quickly persuaded to provide the leadership the organization desperately required. Under his guidance, the organization has leveraged the possibilities of contemporary technology in the service of better healthcare provision, earned continued accreditation for healthcare outreach efforts, bolstered its fundraising programs, and guaranteed the continued survival of a longtime social services provider to a disadvantaged and at-risk community.